A unified standard needed to take ESG to the next level

Since COVID-19 hit the world in an unexpected way, it has demonstrated to corporates that the easily neglected ‘non-financial’ factors are indeed equally important to long-term sustainability of businesses. The concern on ESG issues is higher than ever before.

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Real Estate Developers Need to Act Now to Transition to Net Zero

Climate change is no longer a future risk. It has already become an immediate present-day challenge. Apocalyptic natural disasters and rising global temperatures are essentially calling for immediate action on carbon emissions reduction and for businesses to incorporate climate-friendly practices in their operations. In the real estate industry, carbon reduction is a particularly weighty and […]

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New GRI OHS Standard Has Significant Implication on Health & Well-being

Occupational health and safety has been given much more attention in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic when corporates realized that human resources are arguably their most important assets. Ensuring workers’ wellbeing has become a key concern for many businesses, acting as the wherewithal to long-term sustainability. This is particularly prominent […]

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