Prelios Integra

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The Prelios Group is the gateway to Italy’s asset management, credit servicing, and integrated real estate services market. It is one of the leading Italian and European providers of alternative asset management and specialized real estate services, with +40 billion Euro in Assets under Management.

The Prelios Group is an independent platform with a proven track record spanning the last thirty years. During this time Prelios has steadily built up an excellent reputation as a genuine school for the best managers in the real estate sector. Currently manages funds for more than 180 high-standing Italian and international institutional investors.

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Prelios Integra is Italy’s leading provider of real estate services and was the first operator to specialize in these high-value-added services. It has been active in Integrated Property Services for more than twenty years, and in 2014 it also expanded its operations into Engineering.

A successful multi-disciplinary approach

With offices in Milan and Rome, Prelios Integra has an in-house team of 100 highly qualified staff, and works regularly with a widespread and highly reliable network of more than 500 service companies and professionals able to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach in line with the highest standards. Prelios Integra is the only Italian property services provider able to offer property owners, end-users, and developers a full range of skills.

Creating value at every stage of the property life cycle

Prelios Integra’s mission is to offer specialized services covering the entire life cycle of a property: from the initial investment phase to development, management, and sale. Through its corporate divisions, Prelios Integra operates in every sector of the real estate market to ensure optimum enhancement and management of property assets. Its global approach is designed to satisfy specific needs as they arise while organizing the most suitable and targeted interventions.

Specialized services covering the entire life cycle of a property

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