Alex Ferguson

Inogen Environmental Alliance Inc

Consultant Partner

Inogen Environmental Alliance is a global corporation providing multinational organizations with consistent, high quality and cost-effective environmental, health, safety, energy and sustainability solutions.

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Inogen Associates Delta-Simons (UK and Ireland), HPC (Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Spain) and Denkstatt (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia) partner with GRESB in Europe and are supported by a global network with offices located on every continent, more than 6,430 staff worldwide and projects completed in more than 120 countries.  Inogen represents a unique and innovative business model with a single point of contact delivering a competitive, cost-effective service around the globe.

Inogen uses its expertise to help organizations understand the significance they generate to their market, the environment, their staff, and their community.  We understand that the technical reports we create are only the start of our offer.  Decarbonization is now a clear mandate of society and Social Value is a real currency of engagement, whether it increases Biodiversity or delivers improvements in Health & Wellbeing.  It is a physical, identifiable change that allows an organization to demonstrate the difference it has made and the ambitions it has achieved.

We know customers, employees and investors are making decisions based on the environmental and social value you can generate.  Inogen has specialist integrated teams from every facet of environmental management through to social sustainability professionals.  Inogen Associates have experience of working across multiple sectors on a wide range of initiatives creating bespoke projects which reflect the needs of each company, workforce, and community it is reporting on.