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Fabriq offers an enterprise SaaS solution designed for those who are committed to making buildings more sustainable and efficient with occupiers and specific building uses in mind.

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More specifically, the Fabriq OS solution was conceived to enable end users to adopt a data-driven and holistic approach for optimising the efficiency with which building services are delivered and tracking progress towards meeting net-zero-carbon, sustainability, and ESG objectives. The solution features the ability to collect data for virtually any building-related performance metric within a single web-based system from a multitude of data sources. The platform is capable of ingesting and processing data from smart meters, utility suppliers, building management systems, weather stations, indoor-environmental-quality sensors, IoT sensors, as well as third-party systems. The platform also features dedicated modules for users to benchmark buildings to identify savings potential, manage sustainability projects, track the impact of efficiency measures, and create reports to disclose and share performance results with various stakeholders. And of course, the platform also features a dedicated module for submitting GRESB assessments on an automated basis.

The Fabriq OS solution is used by real estate investors, landlords, as well as occupiers with significant environmental footprints within the built environment. The platform is also used by sustainability consultants, facility managers, energy managers, and others who provide services and solutions within the real estate sector. The solution can be used to monitor the sustainability performance of virtually any type of building, including but not limited to offices, warehouses, and buildings used for hospitality and retail purposes. And lastly, Fabriq is keen to work with like-minded partners to develop new solutions for the industry, please reach out regarding collaboration opportunities.