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Carbon Intelligence, part of Accenture

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Carbon Intelligence, part of Accenture, helps some of the largest companies in the world set and achieve ambitious sustainability targets to tackle the climate crisis.
We bring together a world-class team of strategists, technologists, data scientists and engineers – and our best-in-class data and reporting team supports clients to achieve excellent GRESB scores and go beyond reporting to deliver real, meaningful carbon reductions.
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Managing your commercial real estate portfolio is an increasingly complex operation – particularly when it comes to sustainability. We understand the demands of this industry and can help you simplify and streamline the complexities of ensuring sustainable performance across your building portfolio.

We work with several of the market-leading real estate organizations in the UK, including Hermes Real Estate, The Crown Estate and Aviva Investors and have successfully supported their organizations’ GRESB objectives and sustainability ambitions.

Our belief in GRESB’s potential of being a truly useful benchmark to support strategy and best practice in Commercial Real Estate helps us encourage clients to use GRESB as part of an effective and ambitious sustainability strategy and we have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of GRESB reporting.


Insights written by Carbon Intelligence, part of Accenture:

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    Navigating ESG Reporting in Real Estate

    Currently, ESG reporting is not mandatory in all countries, however, companies are still choosing to disclose voluntarily and making this practice business as usual. Read more about how to navigate ESG reporting in the real estate industry in this insightful article written by Carbon Intelligence.

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  • Articles Demystifying climate risk and the TCFD recommendations

    Demystifying climate risk and the TCFD recommendations

    Understanding your organization’s climate-related risks and opportunities has never been more critical. The most recent report from the UN’s IPCC on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability is a review of climate impacts and how much we can adapt to them.

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  • Articles TCFD A framework to communicate and mitigate climate risks

    TCFD: A framework to communicate and mitigate climate risks

    The TCFD recommendations have been backed by over 250 businesses worldwide, representing more than $6.5 trillion in market capitalization.
    Investors use disclosures as an insight into their investments over the long-term and to mitigate risk clusters within their portfolios.

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