From utility bill management to predicting the future with simulations, Bractlet provides a single software solution to optimize building performance and reduce emissions, at scale. Bractlet is a software and intelligence company pioneering Digital Energy Twin technology to allow real-estate operators to make better decisions on building upgrades and run more efficient buildings, at scale.

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Bractlet’s tiered offering provides owners and property teams the flexibility to select the product features and depth of analysis they need based on their investment strategy and budget.

  • Bractlet Benchmark streamlines utility bill workflows, benchmarks your buildings vs comparable buildings, and facilitates better ESG reporting.
  • Bractlet Analytics makes sense of all the essential data and diagnoses issues as they arise, so you can run comfortable, efficient buildings and includes all Bractlet Benchmark features.
  • Bractlet Simulation utilizes the industry’s most predictive modeling technology to allow you to make better investment decisions, quickly address performance issues, and verify investment returns and includes all Bractlet Analytics features.