Why is GRESB asking for asset-level data in the Performance Component of the Real Estate Assessment?

Since its establishment 10 years ago, GRESB has been at the heart of a collaborative effort to build consensus on what constitutes ESG materiality in the real estate sector, define standardized metrics, and develop a consistent approach to measuring and reporting on ESG performance. It’s a communal effort and we are grateful to be supported by a powerful global ecosystem of investors, lenders, managers, service providers and industry bodies working to improve ESG transparency across the world.

We are now entering a new phase of industry development where greater ESG transparency must be a means to improve the ESG performance of the underlying assets in real estate portfolios. Where real progress towards improving operational performance is the priority, not transparency for its own sake.

This shift comes in response to changing demand from the investor community, who increasingly expect managers to be able to monitor their assets directly, on the basis of real, reliable ESG performance data. This higher-resolution data will enable us to provide more granular and reliable ESG data and benchmarks, unlock a new generation of performance insights from asset-level up, and support a systematic tracking of industry progress against sector-specific targets, as well as local and global goals.

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